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There are many reasons why you should get impartial advice before you proceed with an equity release plan. Some of these are:

  • There are many different equity release plans available in the market. Many of these plans are only available through a financial adviser qualified to provide advice on equity release.
  • The features, benefits and drawbacks of each individual plan can differ enormously. For example, some providers allow you to borrow more in the future, others don’t. Some providers allow you to make repayments while others do not. Making the wrong choice could prove critical depending on your circumstances and future plans.
  • Equity release can sometimes affect how much tax you pay. It can also affect or remove any State Benefits you receive. Speaking to an independent, specialist adviser will ensure that you are advised beforehand of any drawbacks relating to the plan.
  • Your adviser will ask you relevant questions about your circumstances, needs and preferences. Your adviser can then recommend which plan, from the whole market, suits your needs best.
  • Impartial advice means exactly that. We act for you, not the provider. We are not tied to any providers and as such, we will recommend the one particular equity release plan which is most suited to you, and explain why.
  • Our initial consultations and advice are free of charge. You don’t have to proceed with the advice you receive and you are not charged any fee unless you proceed with an application and your plan completes.